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Drawing Competition
Drawing Competition

Every child has an artisrt in him & to bring out that the school from time to time organises inter house drawing competition. Apart from it the competition also gives a platform to recognise & brush up the talent of the students in the field of art & drawing.


The required facilities for the game are met by the school.The teams are formed as the houses & the game is played with a sportsmanship in the inter house competiotion.As well as the best team is sent to play the game at the district level.


Because of the most favoured game among the students the school premise has two different courts & ample equipments.The students are given regular practise to make them perfect in the game.

School Laboratory

A fully equiped laboratory of science & mathematics is maintained as per the CBSE rules & regulations.All the classes have regular practicals so that they can be  familiarised with the equipments & solutions at a very tender age.

Computer Lab
National Public School Computer Lab

The lab has a good number of computers for the students to learn about the basics of the computers.The ratio is of two students per computer.All the systems are connected with the Wi Fi for the internet knowledge.

Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton Courts

The premise of the school has the two courts of Bandminton, one for Volleyball, one for Kho-Kho, one for Kabbadi & one for Football.

Practicing Yoga to mark the World Yoga Day 2019

Celebrated theWorld Yoga Day on 21st June'19 in the school campus with a pledge to make yoga an integral part of our daily life.