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The school premises in a calm, quiet and serene surroundings. The students enjoy the lush green and pollution free environment which also develops the awareness of the importance of environment.

The school is equipped with all the basic facilities and infrastructure as per the CBSE requirement. The classrooms are big & airy & the number of students in every section of the class has been kept low so that every student can have the maximum attention of the teacher. Apart from it has library resource which provides the reading facility and access to & use of books & journals of usefulness.

There are 13 Classrooms with 6.71 Metre in length & 7.31 metres in Breadth, one Math lab with 6.71  metre in Length & 7.31 Metre in breadth.The library is of 13.72 metre in length & 9.14 metre in breadth,The composite science lab is 12.2 metre in length & 11.3 metre in breadth.The Computer science lab is 6.71metre in length & 7.31 metre in breadth.There are 2 vacant classes of 6.71 metre in length & 7.31 metre in breadth & 3 small rooms with 6.71 metre in length & 4.88 metre in breadth.


The society has been constituted under the society registration act of 1860 in the name of Swechchha Shaikshik Avam Prashikshan Sansthan registered on 06/07/2005 & the validity of registration is upto 05/07/2025.The registration number is 384/2005-6

The members of the society have formed the managing committee who supervise the activities of the school for its smooth functioning & to look for the welfare of the school. It suggests the longterm or short term programmes for the improvement of the school & ensures them to be implemented.